OEM products

JM-Sensors designs and manufactures sensors specially designed for customer needs. At the moment about one hundred ships sailing around the world have two or three permanently installed two-axis inclinometers made by JM-Sensors. Each year several dozens of ships get these sensors installed.

JM-Sensors can make inclinometers with 0.001 degrees resolution and 0.005 degrees accuracy for up to +-17 degree range. The inclinometers can be temperature calibrated for offset from -30°C to +80°C to reach better than 0.02 degrees temperature stability for this range.

The sensors technology used by JM-Sensors has an exceptionally good long term stability. None of the inclinometer made by JM-Sensors starting from 2007 have yet needed a recalibration in order to stay in the demanding specifications.

Inclinometers for full 360 degree range and accelerometers for any range can also be made for customer needs. Other sensor technologies include high accuracy MEMS gyroscopes, temperature, pressure, voltage, amperage etc.